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Compuweb provides premier solutions for all of your commerce needs, including and fully supporting  Cart32, LiveStats web traffic analysis, Search Engine Submissions, SSL Registration, Microsoft SQL 2000, MySQL, Cold Fusion,, PHP, and Frontpage.

List of Features:

Shopping Cart Systems
Compuweb offers a complete and dedicated shopping cart system featuring Cart32 v6.1 Enterprise Edition. The Cart32 platform supports the following features:
- Add items to the cart using simple HTML tags - Completely customize the look of the cart pages
- Secure Public/Private Key Encryption - Sell downloadable products
- Customize Tax Settings - Customize Shipping settings
- Gift Certificates & Discounts System - HTML Wizards custom made for Frontpage, Dreamweaver
- Repeat Buyer Login - Product Database
- Pass order data to an external script for custom credit card processing - Support for over 35 real time payment processors
- Accept PayPal payments   - Support for MySQL and SQL Server for the Cart32 database
- Export order to comma/tab delimited files - Integration with Quickbooks (Optional)
- And many, many more features

Usage Analysis System
Compuweb offers the most sophisticated realtime site usage analysis tools running on a dedicated server and featuring LiveStats v8.0 by Deepmetrix. See for yourself why this site usage analysis platform is unmatched by any other usage and analysis system by clicking here.

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