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List of Features:

LinkTrader Boosts your website's link popularity by exchanging links with thousands of other webmasters.
Page Advisor A search engine optimization expert that automatically analyzes your web pages and shows you what you need to do to get a top ranking position.
Reporter Detailed reports on submission,, optimization, ranking, search engines and more. Output in HTML, EMAil and even CSV for import into Access and Excel.
Rank Check Check your ranking on over 100 major search engines. It even tracks your ranking over time, and shows how you are doing against your competition.
Pay Submissions Some major search engines offer faster submissions for a fee. Access these search engines and Pay per click sites directly from AddWeb
Online Advanced Reporting
Reports on all key features are integrated into a full 'report website' for each profile. It is complete with charts and graphs and tons of information, tips and tricks. The reports can also be output to ASCII Text (easy importing into other applications) and direct to any e-mail address.  The Compuweb / Addweb Page Advisor will analyze any web page, and generate a report that tells you how well-suited it is for high-ranking positions on search engines.
Position-Boosting Page Editing
Your website will be analyzed for better results before submission.  The Compuweb / AddWeb PageBuilder feature will insert all of the position-boosting html code into your pages for you to maximize traffice to your website.
Submission to 700,000+ Search Engines and Directories
Compuweb will automatically submit your website to over 700,000 search engines, directories, and link sites for you using Addweb. It handles most major search engines, including Yahoo and DMOZ, as well as many smaller and international engines.
Rank Tracking
When you are listed on the search engines, it is important to monitor your position. The Compuweb / AddWeb RankCheck does just that. It will check your position on major search engines, based on keywords that are important to you. It keeps statistics every time you check your position, allowing for very comprehensive trend reports.

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