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Web Caddy:
Compuweb Web Caddy service is designed to help you make changes to your website easily and affordably.  Simply fax or email changes that you would like to have made to the content of your website and Compuweb will complete your request and notify you when work is complete.  Think of this service as having a personal caddy for your website that will recommend ideas, and do all of the work for your website content including all HTML code, image design, database management, order fulfillment, and email management.


HTML and Database Support: ($25/hour)
Compuweb is experienced with HTML coding using the latest tools of the trade including Frontpage 2003, Homesite, and Dreamweaver.  Since the servers are on our premises, making changes to the data on the web server is easy and fast.

Compuweb supports database platforms including, Microsoft SQL 2000, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Cold Fusion, and Frontpage and can support your data management needs, whatever they may be.  Compuweb can generate data reports and forward them to you via fax or email.  Compuweb can meet all of your data entry requirements, process your online orders, check your email online, or create custom queries for your databases.

Package Deals:
(includes HTML & Database support)

- 10-hours package:  $225.00
- 20-hours package: 
(Special Offer! 20 Hours for only $20/hour)
For Details Call:
800-923-2343, x274

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