The seed for Compuweb began in New York City in 1992 under the name Compumedia. Compumedia provided computer consulting and database programming support for hundreds of Manhattan businesses. In addition to computer consulting and database programming Compumedia published business-to-business card decks to thousands, provided marketing services to businesses, and provided graphics design for corporate ads.

This unique blend of computer technology, database expertise, business & marketing experience, and graphics design experience came in handy as we configured and integrated our Cisco routers with our OC48 redundant backbone, built and networked our Web, DNS, Mail, Statistics, & Conferencing servers and software, programmed databases on the internet, graphically designed our company website, and promoted it to millions - and then set out to do the same for our customers.

In 1995 Compumedia relocated from New York to Philadelphia's much larger facility and became COMPUWEB - a more suitable name for a website services firm.

COMPUWEB specializes in website hosting, website design/development, internet e-commerce, database integration on the internet, and website promotion. COMPUWEB provides these services for thousands of customers worldwide (mostly businesses from nearly every country in the world), from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, and from a variety of user levels. COMPUWEB is primarily concerned with providing reliable, fast, innovative, and affordable website hosting for businesses throughout the world - without compromising personal and friendly service. COMPUWEB is also dedicated to designing cutting edge, highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites, and providing solutions for promoting your website to millions.

At COMPUWEB, we look forward to serving all of your website needs, and guiding you through a complex web of technology that will help to move your business rapidly and reliably forward past the year 2000!

Let Compuweb serve you today.

CALL: 1 800 923-2343

Scott Adams


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